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Whether your business is large or small, Trademark Management, Inc. will take the time to identify your IP needs in order to develop an efficient, effective, and affordable enforcement program to protect your brand.

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Your brand name is your signature, and Trademark Management works with you to develop an enforcement plan specifically tailored to that signature.

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Once a brand owner signs on with Trademark Management, they are instantly connected to a vast network of professionals.

Trademark Enforcement

In cases where criminal enforcement is warranted, Trademark Management will work closely with law enforcement to provide any and all types of assistance that may be required.

Proven Results Strategy

Our proven strategy will be put to work to obtain the results that you seek.

About Trademark Management

Trademark Management was founded in 1993 by Lisa Uriguen Armstrong to administrate a cohesive enforcement program on behalf of the Coalition to Advance the Protection of Sports logos (CAPS), whose members are The Collegiate Licensing Company, Major League Baseball Properties Inc., NBA Properties, Inc., NFL Properties LLC and, NHL Enterprises, L.P. (CAPS Members). By consolidating their resources through Trademark Management, the CAPS Members have engaged in a highly-successful, cost effective intellectual property enforcement program, often leading the industry.

Trademark Management has been offering exceptional trademark enforcement services to a variety of clients for many years. Trademark Management provides efficient civil and criminal enforcement strategies at competitive rates and takes the necessary steps to tailor an enforcement program that will best serve its clients. Over the years, Trademark Management has continued to successfully adapt to the evolution of counterfeiting.

The Trademark Management team will guide you through every step of developing and/or continuing your trademark enforcement strategies to maintain your brand’s integrity.

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