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Whether your business is large or small, Trademark Management, Inc. will take the time to identify your IP needs in order to develop an efficient, effective, and affordable enforcement program to protect your brand.

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Your brand name is your signature, and Trademark Management works with you to develop an enforcement plan specifically tailored to that signature.

Professional Enforcement Network

Once a brand owner signs on with Trademark Management, they are instantly connected to a vast network of professionals.

Trademark Enforcement

In cases where criminal enforcement is warranted, Trademark Management will work closely with law enforcement to provide any and all types of assistance that may be required.

Proven Results Strategy

Our proven strategy will be put to work to obtain the results that you seek.

Trademark Enforcement


Once Trademark Management learns of a possible case of trademark counterfeiting or infringement, the Trademark Management team immediately implements its 20 years of experience to analyze and consider all possible avenues of enforcement, civil and criminal, that will work best to resolve the matter.

Since Trademark Management does not use a cookie-cutter enforcement program for all brands, each issue that arises is reviewed in the context of your portfolio and business needs in order to determine how best to proceed. This begins by considering your intellectual property rights, possible defenses, and a cost benefit analysis. Effective civil enforcement may include a cease and desist letter, takedown notice, and creation of a long-term enforcement plan. Effective assistance for criminal enforcement may include communicating and partnering with private investigators, federal and state law enforcement agencies, and state and federal prosecutors. During and after any enforcement action, Trademark Management will work closely with your business and those in Trademark Management’s network to authenticate product and provide affidavits, expert testimony, restitution requests, etc.

Regardless of civil or criminal enforcement, Trademark Management will continue to follow through and closely monitor every case until its final resolution. Trademark Management will not close a case until it is clear that all illegal activity has ceased and all remunerations have been fulfilled.