Trademark Management

Whether your business is large or small, Trademark Management, Inc. will take the time to identify your IP needs in order to develop an efficient, effective, and affordable enforcement program to protect your brand.

Lets Get Started

Your brand name is your signature, and Trademark Management works with you to develop an enforcement plan specifically tailored to that signature.

Professional Enforcement Network

Once a brand owner signs on with Trademark Management, they are instantly connected to a vast network of professionals.

Trademark Enforcement

In cases where criminal enforcement is warranted, Trademark Management will work closely with law enforcement to provide any and all types of assistance that may be required.

Proven Results Strategy

Our proven strategy will be put to work to obtain the results that you seek.

Expect excellence. Expect results.

Trademark Management works tirelessly to obtain personalized results for its clients, as well as to provide unparalleled service that is cost-effective and efficient. Trademark Management has a reputation for excellence both because of what it can achieve and also because of the experience it provides its clients.

Some of the results and benefits that you can expect to receive from Trademark Management include the following:

News and Information
  • Stop counterfeit sales without the expense of litigation
  • Access to Trademark Management’s ongoing network of contacts with law enforcement, prosecutors, private investigators and other industry personnel
  • Obtain restitution in criminal cases
  • Negotiation and settlement agreements in civil cases
  • Individualized and creative case management
  • Trial testimony–classified as expert witness in state and federal courts
  • Representation at law enforcement training programs, including U.S. Customs’ interventions
  • Timely case and file updates
  • Maintaining case information in a state-of-the-art database
  • Quarterly and yearly reports, including tracking the number and values of seized and surrendered products
  • Handling and processing of third party invoices
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Professional and collegial interactions with Trademark Management’s staff

No other organization can ensure the same high-quality experience that Trademark Management offers.