Trademark Management

Whether your business is large or small, Trademark Management, Inc. will take the time to identify your IP needs in order to develop an efficient, effective, and affordable enforcement program to protect your brand.

Lets Get Started

Your brand name is your signature, and Trademark Management works with you to develop an enforcement plan specifically tailored to that signature.

Professional Enforcement Network

Once a brand owner signs on with Trademark Management, they are instantly connected to a vast network of professionals.

Trademark Enforcement

In cases where criminal enforcement is warranted, Trademark Management will work closely with law enforcement to provide any and all types of assistance that may be required.

Proven Results Strategy

Our proven strategy will be put to work to obtain the results that you seek.

NETWORK- Clients instantly benefit from 15 years of contact development:

  • Local, state and federal law enforcement personnel
  • Private investigators
  • Domestic and international intellectual property lawyers
  • Other trademark owners
  • Internet registrants, Internet service providers and Internet auction sites
  • Intellectual property associations, both domestic and international

ENFORCEMENT- Extensive experience guarantees productive enforcement:

  • Draft, serve and follow-up on cease and desist letters
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Organize criminal and civil seizures
  • Investigate, research and enforce Internet violations
  • Plan and implement individual enforcement strategies
  • Dispose of counterfeit products

RESULTS - No down time–results are immediate:

  • Stop counterfeit sales without litigation
  • Obtain restitution and damages in criminal or civil cases
  • Provide trial testimony–classified as expert witness in state and federal courts
  • Organize and conduct law enforcement training programs, including U.S. Customs’ interventions
  • Lobby for felony state statutes
  • Bill and invoice all outside agencies