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Employment Opportunities

Position: IP Enforcement Assistant

Hours: Full time (flexible schedule available)

Compensation: Starting $37,000/year with paid vacation, holidays, monthly bonuses, and 401K 3% match

Trademark Management has provided exceptional trademark enforcement services for its clientele for nearly three decades.  We are committed to quality customer service and to creating a work environment that fosters compassion and respect.  Employees at Trademark Management are provided not only the tools necessary to provide quality service, but also the support needed to grow and learn alongside their colleagues. 

The work we do requires diligence and attention to detail, and we hire accordingly. We recognize and honor each person’s individuality, needs, and abilities.  We are here to support your career and acknowledge that a job is not your whole life.

Job Description:

This is an administrative assistant position with an 18-month, on-the-job training schedule to transition into a Case Manager position.  You will be assisting several case managers with daily enforcement tasks such as drafting letters and emails and communicating with clients, outside counsel and vendors.  You will also assist with drafting court documents, product removal spreadsheets, and online provider correspondence.  There are opportunities for travel (domestic) once COVID-19 protocols allow.

The position has a 90-day probationary period.  All training is done on-the-job and is managed and supported by fellow staff.  Upward mobility is available at Trademark Management.

Qualifications for success:

The right person for the job will be task-oriented and able to complete many varied tasks every day.  Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills are a must as you will constantly interact with clients, vendors, and colleagues.  You must be able to appropriately express yourself as needed but, most importantly, listen and follow directions. 

We work in the legal field and attention to detail is a necessary skill and crucial to success in this position.  You will write and edit not only your own documents, but those of others.  This is a skill you must feel confident in utilizing.  Much of our work is done online and our office is completely paperless.  Deft use of technology is a must for this position.

Attitude is everything.  We are hardworking, but we encourage brevity and lightheartedness in our office.  Someone with an easy-going demeanor would be best suited for this position.


3+ years office experience

Reliable transportation

No felony criminal history

Eligible for domestic or international travel

Selection Process:

The selection process is based on a graduated system until the final candidate is selected.

  1. Collect resumes and select candidates (2-3 weeks)
  2. Conduct telephone interviews (2 weeks)
  3. Administer in office visits (2 weeks)
  4. Final interview with 3-person panel (1-2 weeks)

For more information, please contact:

Cortney Martin

Operations Managercortneym@trademarkmanagement.com